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Recap – A Wedding Anniversary Party July 29, 2012

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I will start with an apology for my lack of blogging lately –  I have been slacking alot lately!  Life has a way of keeping us going in all directions, and this summer has been no exception!  While several of my planned summer weddings got moved around on the calendar, I still had plenty to keep me busy these past few months! 🙂

I want to share one wedding-related highlight from my personal life this summer… My grandparents celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary this year, and together with 100 + of their closest family and friends, were able to gather in the Chicago area to celebrate this big milestone!  Having 8 children, 25 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren (plus all the spouses!) – it was a great reason to have a mini-family reunion (and family photo – minus 8 immediate family members) as well! 🙂

Kudos to a number of family members for their creativity and party planning abilities for pulling off a wonderful anniversary party.  There were a number of cute and simple ideas and personal touches used at the party that I thought would be worth sharing with my readers as well!

1)  Check out this creative Directional Sign Post made from fence posts that were being torn down earlier this year. Each directional sign has either a relative’s name or a favorite/important destination painted on it, along with the distance from my grandparent’s home!  It was a great conversation piece and unique touch!

2) Centerpieces were kept simple, yet the overall effect was beautiful!  A variety of clear glass bud vases and mason jars displayed flowers from a relative’s garden or a few buds from simple mixed bouquets from the local grocery store.  The customized wine bottle favors were placed around each centerpiece and created a nice display on each guest table. 

3) This tradition would be a great one to start in your family! The cake topper used at my great-grandparent’s wedding in 1924 was kept and passed down through the years to various family members on their wedding days. The cake topper was kept in a box, along with a list documenting all the weddings and anniversary celebrations it was used at.  It was so neat to see the list of family members that have used the cake topper over the years – I am sure it will get used at many more weddings to come!


Cheers to my grandparents on 65 years of marriage, and many thanks to all the family members that made the anniversary party and weekend great!

Happy Planning!



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