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Favors: Cake Balls April 18, 2010

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A fabulous baker and friend, Anita, brought me a  new tasty treat  to sample recently, and I have not gotten these fantastic sweet treats out of my head.  They were so amazing, I knew I just had to blog about them!   I present to you a great shower or wedding  favor option: Cake Balls


(C) Evans Caglage – Dallas Morning News

These bite size desserts consist of the perfect combination of cake and frosting, rolled into balls, then dipped in chocolate to create a small cake truffle of sorts!  The cake balls I tasted were red velvet cake combined with cream cheese frosting  and then dipped in milk chocolate with a chocolate drizzle.  A-MAZING. 

(C) Evans Caglage – Dallas Morning News

These cake balls would make great favors or can be added to the dessert lineup for your upcoming shower, wedding or other event.  The sky is the limit on color and flavor combinations, and special decorative touches can be added to the coating, whether it be sprinkles, candy crumbs or something else equally as yummy!

I made a few phonecalls to some local bakeries, and I was not able to find any that offered cake balls.  However,  do not fret, as I do know at least one baker making these delicious treats and is available for your bakery needs.  Feel free to contact Anita Podojil at anitapodojil@gmail.com if interested in Cake Balls for your next event.  I know my first order of Cake Balls has already been placed!  

Happy Planning!



3 Responses to “Favors: Cake Balls”

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  2. Gina Giacchino Says:

    I also tasted Anita’s cake balls! They were as delicious as they look! I too, can’t get them out of my mind. The perfect addition to any shower, wedding, special occassion! I can hardly wait to see what she does with them next! Yum!

  3. Corey Ann Says:

    If you go to http://www.bakerella.com she has some great ideas and recipes there for her version of this – cake pops, which are essentially these on a stick. I made them for my SIL’s baby shower and they were delicious!

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