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It’s December! December 6, 2009

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I am just stopping in to give you a little update on the A Wedding Wish front.  The 2009 wedding season took a little break for 2 months while I took care of business in other parts of my life.  Do not worry – there is a grand finale coming up next weekend with a Rockin’ Christmas wedding  for my SIL which I have had the privilege of helping with throughout the planning process.  I also am the lucky MOH, so this week will be a busy week wrapping up last minute wedding and personal details to get ready for the big day! 
Also – just because wedding season is coming to a close, doesn’t mean the blogging stops (It may actually pick up! LOL).  I will have some new changes to the format and topics on this blog that I hope my readers will find helpful and informative!  So stay tuned… 

A real photo from The Snowflake  
Happy Planning – 


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