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Wine Tasting Party Anyone? June 1, 2009

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I am so lucky to have such a wonderfully diverse group of friends that support and encourage all my crazy goals and endeavors, so I thought I would take a minute to support one of my friends, all the while highlighting a great idea for a home party to incorporate into your pre-wedding festivities.  Plus – this is a new home party I had not heard of and thought to myself  – “Wow – what a great idea!”


Enter The Traveling Vineyard and consultant Heather. The gist of The Traveling Vineyard (TTV)  is to bring wine tastings to you at your home or location of choice,  in addition to offering fantastic wines and wine accessories. So after talking with Heather about how hosting a wine tasting works, I decided to put a quick list together of great reasons to not only give The Traveling Vineyard a shot, but ways to incorporate a tasting into your pre-wedding festivities as well!

1 – At a TTV tasting, you get to “try it before you buy it” instead of relying on wine labels and pricepoints at your local store.

2 – Most TTV wines are not found locally, so you are trying new wines from around the world – and many of the wines are in the $15 to $18 per bottle price range! AWESOME!

3 – The wine is shipped directly to your doorstep within days of placing an order.  Reorders and additional new orders can be made anytime via the website.

4- TTV comes with 100% guarantee which takes the risk out of trying something new!

5 – Each wine tasting through TTV is customizable to you and your guests.  This would be a great option to incorporate into plans for an engagement party, a bridal shower, a fun bachelorette party, or even a pampering party with your bridal party.


So, if you are in NE Ohio and interested in hosting your own TTV wine tasting, give Heather a call at 330-801-2175 or via her website.


Happy Planning!



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