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Extras for the Honeymoon May 6, 2009

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Just yesterday, I was discussing ideas on things to pack with a bride-to-be getting ready for her destination wedding in a few weeks. I had put together a list of items for her based on my vacation experiences, and I thought it would be worthwhile to share with other brides-to-be planning their honeymoons. Obviously clothes, shoes and personal items are the norm, but I highlighted a few things that are not so commonly thought of. So without further ado – Here are a few things I found important to take on the Caribbean vacation:

– I recommend buying your own snorkel and mask (no need for flippers) and packing it if you want to just play around in the water at your beach. A lot of resorts will offer rentals of snorkel masks and fins for an hour or so but just to have your own is great idea and more sanitary too! Snorkel Set seadivejrmasksnorkel200

– Bring your own water cameras from the U.S. if you want them – they are ridiculously priced in other countries! Water Cameraunderwater_disposable_camera

-Bring a few easy cover ups to throw on coming from the beach to lunch. If you are a beach/pool person, this is what you will wear the most during the day on most days!

-Have water shoes or water socks of some sort! If you have rocky beaches, reef areas, or other non-sandy terrain, its best to have a pair of shoes that will stay on the feet – and I don’t mean flip-flops! I found having an outdoor adventure style shoe worked nicely because it doubled as comfortable hiking/walking shoes and water shoes! Shoes


– Bring a backpack as a carryon vs. a duffle bag or small suitcase. It’s nice to take a backpack on day trips (easier to carry around) if you venture out of the resorts.

– Bring sunscreen and bug spray with you from the U.S.. Some countries have serious bug issues on the grounds and possibly in the rooms so don’t get stuck paying the steep prices for either sunscreens or bug sprays in the foreign countries.

– Have a beach bag for taking to the pool/beach to carry all the random things you may tote around with you (sunscreen, snorkels, wallet, bottled water, camera, etc.). The strap broke on our beach bag the first day of vacation, and I had to buy a new one for more than I would have spent here. Target Beach Bag

– Have a separate little wallet to take with if you need to (I liked having some cash on us if we stopped in a shop and tipping in addition to putting your towel cards, chapstick etc. in) vs. carrying around your normal wallet with ID’s etc. (Lock those in the room safe!).

– Even if you are in All-Inclusive Resort areas, I would recommend bringing at least $100 in SINGLES (not $10’s and $20’s) with you for tipping everyone from bus drivers (immediately at the airport), servers, housekeeping, tour guides, etc. Some shuttle services in different countries are only a few dollars, and getting stuck trying to break $20 bills all the time is a big hassle. A little tip goes a long way so please remember to tip your serving staff – even though you do not have to, it’s a nice gesture!

– Buy batteries in the U.S. before you leave for all your electronic devices because those little AA batteries are PRICEY down in the Caribbean!

– Check with your cell phone provider about switching to international calling PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP for the week/month if you plan on making phone calls. Some places in the Caribbean don’t seem to take the phone cards sold in the U.S. (payphones in many resorts are monopolized by the local phone company and you have to buy their phone cards at a steep price) so it may be more affordable to switch over for a month to international plan on your cell phone!

Well that is the short list of items I suggested to the B2B that may not be so common. Anyone else have some good suggestions when traveling to a tropical location? Leave me a comment and lets help out some upcoming honeymooners!

Happy Planning!



3 Responses to “Extras for the Honeymoon”

  1. Heather G Says:

    I totally agree with the $1.00 bills! That is what a friend recommended to us when we went to Jamaica and it paid off! I just saved the $1 we got from change at stores a few months prior instead of heading to the bank.

  2. Shelly Kendrick Says:

    Great tips Angela!

  3. Nichole Says:

    Just wanted to add something regarding the sunscreen you decide to take!

    Be sure to test it out for a few days before you leave for your trip. I ended up being allergic to my sunscreen in Aruba and it wasn’t fun having itchy bumps all over!! 🙂

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