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Unique bouquets April 18, 2009

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So I just got done chatting with a Bride-to-be this afternoon, and I can’t wait to see her unique bouquets she is creating (I will keep it a secret for now)!   So this got me thinking – what other options are there for bouquets other than the traditional bundle of flowers? So I started doing a search and came across some great alternatives or additions to the traditional bridal bouquet! Take a look!

Feather Bouquets

From:  blog.myweddingfavors.com


Crystal bouquets

From: http://flowerspic.blog125.fc2.com/blog-entry-59.html


Herb Bouquets

From: http://www.wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com/green-wedding.html


Photo Courtesy John Harney

Leaf Bouquets

From: http://domestikgoddess.com/make-a-rose-bouquet-of-autumn-leaves/


Origami Bouquets

From: http://www.smart-paper.co.uk/default.htm




If you want to skip the bouquet all together – check out  this  post  on  one of my new favorite blogs – Off Beat Bride!


Happy Planning!



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